Fooks House Exhibition and Collection | 2-4 December

The exhibition and supporting research project seek to create a fully documented archival database and repository of Dr Ernest Fooks. The Fooks collection itself presents a poignant window into the life of an exemplary architect, designer, theorist and artist. This can be seen through the countless travel slides, hand written lecture notes, letters to key figures, and numerous other documents yet to be examined. This collection has not been strategically archived, and thus, through this exhibition there is an opportunity to get a glimpse into this significant collection from the archives of the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne University, RMIT Design Archives, The Jewish Museum and The Holocaust Museum. These disparate collections will be brought together for the first time at the Fooks house, 32 Howitt Road, Caulfield North, Melbourne.


the house was the object of a previous post in 2014


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