No. 25 (left) and no. 27 (right) Richmond Avenue. photo: Max Dupain and Associates


Site Overview

site name:
First Pettit & Sevitt Project Home Display Village
Ancher, Mortlock, Murray & Woolley: Ken Woolley (designer)
date of completion:
Richmond Avenue, St Ives, NSW
Residential / Housing (RES)
protection status:
Nominated for an Interim Heritage Order Some of the residences are listed on the LEP (one house demolished in 2013)
current use:
current condition:
Endangered, 2013
fiche editor:
Noni Boyd in 2014
fiche download:
Fiche Pdf



Robertson, Scott. 2015. “Challenges in Protecting 1960s Architect-Designed Houses” in Conservation of Modern Architecture edited by Susan Macdonald, Kyle C. Normandin, Bob Kindredn, pp. 131-42, Routledge

Online: PETTIT & SEVITT HOUSING (1966-1978)


No. 27 (left) and no. 25 (right) Richmond Avenue photo: Max Dupain and Associates
photo: Max Dupain and Associates