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Great Expectations: A Journey through the History of Visionary Architecture


2007, Dir. Jesper Wachtmeister, 52 mins, English

Guest Speaker:  Andrew Maynard, architect

Our imagination is boundless. We can dream up the possible and the impossible and often make the impossible possible.  Since the Industrial Age, we’ve been confronted with new problems and possibilities, especially in relation to urbanism, housing and pollution.

“Great Expectations” presents some of the greatest architectural dreamers of our time – architects whose imaginations have been allowed to run free to conjure up resolutions to housing shortages, sustainable building practices or otherwise bring changes to our ways of living.

From conception, inception and creation (or otherwise consignment to a drawer), this documentary charts some of the works of such luminaries as Le Corbusier, Niemeyer and Steiner and tells intriguing tales about their magnificent (and sometimes daft!) architectural ideas.

Trailer HERE

Andrew Maynard is a much awarded and widely published architect, locally and internationally.  His office is admired for its imaginative ideas-based practice and an enthusiastic approach to pop culture, experimentation and technology while also maintaining a firm grasp on the social ideals and ecological responsibility required to make a real  future.  They most recently received a Victorian Architecture Award and World Architecture Festival commendation for the HOUSE house.

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