Film | Melbourne / 23 Sept | Local Heroes III – New Directions: Robin Boyd, Kenzo Tange & the Metabolist Movement


23 Sept | Local Heroes III – New Directions: Robin Boyd, Kenzo Tange & the Metabolist Movement |

This programme of short films highlights the life & work of the local heroes of our built environment. The focus is on films about locals by locals and the perspective they give us on who / what / why we are the way we are.


Film: New Directions | Robin Boyd, Kenzo Tange & the Metabolist Movement

2015, Dir. Jacques Sheard, 40 mins, English.

New Directions is a film about post-war Japanese modern architecture and its influence on Australian architects throughout the 1960s and 70s. In particular, it focuses on the work of Japanese architect Kenzo Tange and his introduction to the world via the writings and subsequent work of Robin Boyd.

(Source: Jacques Sheard)

Image Source: New Directions © Jacques Sheard.

Additional Films To Be Announced Shortly!


Guest Speakers:  Philip Goad (University fo Melbourne) + Jacques Sheard (filmmaker)

Professor Philip Goad: Philip is internationally known for his research and is an authority on modern Australian architecture. Philip has worked extensively as an architect, conservation consultant, and curator. Philip is an expert on the life and work of Robin Boyd, and has held visiting scholar positions at Columbia University, Bartlett School of Architecture (London) and UCLA (Los Angeles).

Jacques Sheard: Jacques is an independent filmmaker whose work primarily focuses on the urban environment and built heritage. With a background in photography he began his filmmaking career three years ago with a short piece about the Japanese Metabolist inspired building Total House in Russell St (Total Brutal Short, 2013). He has since independently produced numerous short films including commissioned works for heritage bodies such as the National Trust of Victoria.


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