DOCOMOMO US Holiday Book LIst


Docomomo US has released a list of the best architectural books on heritage and modernism published in the United States in 2022.

Click here to access the full list with images and links to the publishers on the Docomomo Us website.

The Visionary Life of Buckminster
Inventor of the Future

Alec Nevala-Lee

Dey Street Books, 2022

Lina Bo Bardi

Material Ideologies

Monica Ponce de Leon (Ed.), Contributions by: Jane Hall, Sol Camacho, Beatriz Colomina, Joana França, Mario Gandelsonas, Veronika Kellndorfer, Rafaela Mendes Ferreira, Silvana Rubino, Elena Tinacci, Mike Cooter, Isaac Julien, Zeuler Lima, and Cathrine Veikos

Princeton University Press, 2022

Walter Gropius,
an Illustrated Biography

Magnus Englund and Leyla Daybelge

Phaidon, 2022

Ron Thom, Architect

The Life of a Creative Modernist

Adele Weder

Greystone Books, 2022

Alfred Preis Displaced

The Tropical Modernism of the Austrian Emigrant and Architect of the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

Axel Schmitzberger (Ed.), with contributions from Laura McGuire, Stephen Phillips and August Sarnitz

Doppelhouse Press, 2022

The Philadelphia School and the Future of Architecture

John Lobell

Routledge, 2022


Building the Modern Afropolis

Tom Avermaete and Maxime Zaugg (Eds.)

Park Publishing, 2022

Hamptons Modern

Contemporary Living
on the East End
David Sokol

Monacelli Press, 2022

Bangkok Utopia
Modern Architecture and Buddhist Felicities, 1910-1973
Xing Ruan and Ronald G Knapp (Eds.), Lawrence Chua (Author) 

University of Hawaii Press, 2021

Southeast Asian Modern
From Roots to Contemporary Turns
Peter G. Rowe and Yun Fu

Birkhäuser, 2022

Queer Spaces
 An Atlas of LGBTQ+ Places and Stories
Adam Nathaniel Furman and Joshua Mardell (Eds.)

Riba Publishing, 2022

Transforming the Irvine Ranch

Joan Irvine, William Pereira, Ray Watson, and the Big Plan
H. Pike Oliver and C. Michael Stockstill

Routledge, 2022

Common Ground

Multifamily Housing in Los Angeles
Frances Anderton

Angel City Press, 2022

Territories of Faith
, Religion, Urban Planning
and Demographic Change in Post-War Europe
Sven Sterken and Eva Weyns (Eds.)

Leuven University Press, 2022

Modern Buildings in Britain

A Gazeteer
Owen Hatherley
Penguin, 2021

The Office of Good Intentions

Human(s) Work
Florian Idenburg and Leeann Suen, photography by Iwan Baan
Taschen, 2022

Building for Change

The Architecture of Creative Reuse
Gestalten and Ruth Lang (Eds.)
Gestalten, 2022

When Eero Met His Match

Aline Louchheim Saarinen and the Making of an Architect
Eva Hagberg
Princeton University Press, 2022

A Graphic Novel
Valentina Grande, illustrations by Sergio Varbella
Prestel Publishing, 2022

What is Architecture?
Atianna J. Cordova

Water Block Kids, 2022

Shapes, Lines and Light

My Grandfather’s American Journey
Katie Yamasaki

Norton Young Readers, 2022 

Brutalist Paris
Robin Wilson, photography by Nigel Green
Blue Crow Media, 2022

Miracles in Concrete

Structural Engineer August Komendant
Carl-Dag Lige
Birkhäuser, 2022

G.E. Kidder Smith Builds

The Travel of Architectural Photography
Angelo Maggi, foreword by Michelangelo Sabatino, epilogue by Samuel Pujol Smith
Oro Editions, 2022