Docomomo Chile 2024 Conference: online pre-events

ONLINE / NOV 7 - 11

Join the the online pre-events of Docomomo Conference 2024! From August to December, you can attend the weekly pre-events every Tuesday! Events can be streamed on Youtube, or through prior Zoom registration. Full program and registration links available here. More information also on Instagram

07/11/2023 11:00 am

Transformation: The Future of Housing

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14/11/2023 11:00 am

Concrete’s Latin American relatives

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22/08/2023 11:00 am
Reconstructing Modern interiors 

29/08/2023 11:00 am
Modern Neighborhood Units in Chile

05/09/2023 11:00 am
Chilean Modern Heritage Masterpieces: Montemar Marine Biology Institute and United Nations Building

12/09/2023 11:00 am
Art and modern architecture in Latin America: Mexico and Brazil

26/09/2023 11:00 am
Women’s architecture and modern heritage

03/10/2023 11:00 am
The futures of modern past: Diagnosis of health architecture

10/10/2023 11:00 am
Urban residences, heritage in transformation

24/10/2023 11:00 am
Modern Cities: About the Heart and the Edge

31/10/2023 11:00 am
Modern architecture, design, construction, restoration