Narellan Public School, demountable classroom. The first aluminium demountable classroom was installed at Kingsgrove North High School in December 1966. Photo © NSW Department of Education and Communities

Site Overview

site name:
Demountable Classrooms
other/former name:
Divisible Mobile Classrooms first erected at Kingsgrove North High School
Ted Edward Farmer (NSW Government Architect Office)
date of commission:
date of completion:
North Head, Manly 2095, NSW
Education (EDU)
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fiche editor:
Noni Boyd in 2008,
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Demountable Classroom (Pdf)


The first ‘divisible mobile classrooms’ was erected at the Kingsgrove North High School in 1966. The prefabricated sections, which extended from one side of the building to the other and included the sun shading, were expressed on the exterior of the building. The sections were designed to be bolted together rapidly and could be dismantled just as easily and moved to another site. A photograph of sections of the classrooms on flat bed trucks.

The divisible mobile classrooms’ were ‘usually superior, in terms of space and facilities, to many of the permanent classrooms built in the 1950s and early 1960s. The demountable’s versatility has proved extremely useful in meeting emergencies, such as fire-damaged schools and building delays, and for longer-term planning aimed at avoiding a surplus of permanent classrooms.

The demountable classrooms continued to be utilised during the 1970s and could be arranged on a sloping site by adding piers and steps to the front entrance. The components could also be staggered.

Examples can be found today at Chester Hill and at the School of Artillery on North Head.