King George V Hospital for mothers & babies | 1938-1941 | NSW

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
King George V Hospital for mothers & babies
Missendon Road, Camperdown, Sydney NSW
1938 | 1941
Stephenson & Turner


King George V Hospital was the second modern building at RPAH. An important modern movement building in Sydney not only due to its prominent location but also in its dedication solely for mothers and babies. The architects were awarded the ’41 Sulman Award for their design. The exterior of King George V also features the distinctive can- tilevered horizontal balconies. The two side wings form a front court with a porte cochere, with smaller courtyards to the north and south. Each courtyard contains a sculpture. Due to the strong Australian sun, the building is oriented north-south, with the main court- yard to the west. Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, the teaching hospital associated with the University of Sydney, was the first hospital in Sydney to build a ‘modern’ hospital block based on European prototypes including Aalto’s Paimio Sanitarium.