Featherston House | Vic 1967-1969

Featherstone House
photo: Mark Strizic

Featherston House

design by: Robin Boyd
type: Housing / House
date of commission:
date of completion: 1969
location: Ivanhoe, VIC
awards: RAIA Gold Medal 1969

“We couldn’t find anything suitable to rent, and so Grant reluctantly decided we needed to own a house. And if we were going to own a house, he thought we should ask Robin to design it for us.” -Mary Featherston

“We asked Robin to design a house on this land on the creek, which is a fairly natural block of land. And we gave him our brief, which was quite odd. But Robin was used to– that’s, I think, what he was about. He was about rethinking ways of living and wrapping an architecture around that.” – Mary Featherston