Register by Architect / Designer

Allen Jack + Cottier
Jack House, NSW, 1956-57
Jacobs House, NSW, 1963
Lochhead House, 1965, NSW
Rothbury Estate Winery, 1970, NSW

Ancher, Sydney  (link)
Prevost House | 1937
Manly Surf Life Saving Pavilion | 1939
Maytone Avenue group (nr.4) | 1948
Maytone Avenue Group (nr.3) | 1945
Windy Dropdown | 1948
Ancher House III, 1957, NSW

Ancher, Mortlock, Murray & Woolley
Pettit & Sevitt Project Home Display Village | 1964

Andrews, John
Cameron Offices, 1968-1977, ACT

ACT Architects Group
Clyde Cameron College, ACT

Baldwinson, Arthur
Former ACI House, 1937-38, NSW
Collins House, 1938, NSW
Simpson-Lee House I, 1957, NSW

Baldwinson, Arthur (Stephenson and Turner)
–  ACI House, 1937-38, NSW

Bates Smart & McCutcheon
ICI House, 1955-58, VIC
Wilson Hall, 1952-56, VIC
MLC Building, 1954-1957, Sydney, NSW

Billson, Edward Fielder
Sanitarium Health Foods Factory, VIC
Signs Publishing Company, VIC

Bogle Banfield & Associates
Total Carpark, VIC

Bolot, Aaron
Bolot, Aaron

Borland, Kevin (link)
Harold Holt Memorial Swimming Centre, VIC
Olympic Swimming Stadium, VIC
Preshil : The Margaret Lyttle School, VIC
Rice House, VIC
Clyde Cameron College, ACT
– Great Southern Stand at MCG | 1992 | Vic

Boyd, Robin (link)
Boyd House II, 1957, VIC
Lyons House, 1966-1967, Sydney, NSW

Breuer, Marcel and partner Herbert Beckhard with Harry Seidler & ass
Former Torin Building, 1974-76, Penrith, NSW

Brogan, John (and EB Fitzgerald)
Adelaide High School | 1940-1951 | SA

BSM, John Stevens and Gerald Lewers
ICI House and Courtyard, VIC

Buchan, Laird & Buchan
Memorial Grandstand, Knitlock, VIC

Bunning, Walter
Permanent Duration Cottages, 1942-1943, Sydney, NSW

Bunning and Madden
Liner House, 1960, Sydney, NSW

Calder, Stuart
Michael Tuck Grandstand, VIC
McPherson’s Pty Ltd Building, VIC

Commonwealth of Australia, Dept of Works & Housing
Swedish Prefabricated Houses Mosman, 1951, NSW

Cottier, Keith (designer)
Lochhead House, 1965, NSW
Rothbury Estate Winery, 1970, NSW

Cox, Phillip and Ian Mackay
CB Alexander College, 1965, NSW

Edwards, Madigan, Torzillo & Briggs
Mitchell College Student Houses

Epstein, Henry
Hillman House, 1948-9, NSW

Everett, Percy
Balwyn North Infant School, VIC
Newlands Primary School, VIC

Fitzgerald, EB (Brogan, John EB)
Adelaide High School, 1940-1951, SA

Fooks, Ernst
Fooks House, VIC

Griffin, Walter Burley and Marion Mahony
Capitol Theatre, 1921-24, VIC
Newman College, 1915-18, VIC
Salter House, Knitlock, 1923-24, VIC
Houses Castlecrag, 1920-1935, NSW

Grounds, Roy
Grounds House and Flats, VIC
Becker House / Australian Academy of Science, ACT
National Gallery of Victoria, VIC

Gruzman, Neville
Holland House, 1960-62, NSW

Gunn, Graeme
Plumbers and Gasfitters Union Building, VIC

Hall, Todd and Littlemore
Sydney Opera House (Stage 2) 1963-1973,

Hewlett & Bailey Architect
Council House, Perth, WA

Howard, Charles (Sydney Branch Office of the Commonwealth Department of Works and Housing)
Woomera Village | 1947 | SA

Jack, Russell (designer)
Jack House, NSW, 1956-57
Jacobs House, NSW, 1963

Jackson, Daryl (link)
Harold Holt Memorial Swimming Centre | 1967-69
Princes Hill High School | 1973
Great Southern Stand at MCG | 1992

James, John
Former Readers Digest Building, 1964-1967, Sydney,

Kemp, Bruce
St Leonards Uniting Church, VIC

Irwin & Stevenson
Mildura Base Hospital, VIC

Lipson & Kaad
Former Hastings Dearing Building (former City Ford), 1937-38, NSW

Lucas, Bill & Ruth
Glass House (Lucas House) | 1957

McGlashan & Everist
Heide 2, VIC

McKay, Ian
McKay House (1960)
Tocal College (1965)
Lobster Bay House (1971-72)

McIntyre, Peter
Olympic Swimming Stadium, VIC
McIntyre House, VIC

Mockridge Stahle & Mitchell
Monash Religious Centre, VIC
St Faith’s Anglican Church, VIC

Moore, Tony
– Moore House, 1959, NSW

Mortlock, Bryce (link)
Pettit & Sevitt Project Home Display Village | 1964
Badham House | 1960

Muller, Peter
Audette House, 1953, NSW
Muller House, 1955, NSW
Richardson House, 1955-56, NSW
Hoyst Cinema Centre, 1966-69, VIC

Murcott, Ronald
Rosebud Sound Shell, VIC

Mussen, Mackay & Potter
APM Boiler House, 1954, VIC

NSW Government Architect Office (link)
Hunter Institute of Technology, 1934-40
Fisher Library, 1962
Saint Ives High School, 1964
Malvina High School, 1965Pennant Hills High School, 1967
Turramurra High School, 1967
Heffron and Delaney Medical Wards, 1968
Ku-ring-gai High School, 1968
Killara High School, 1970

NSW Government Architect’s Office and David Turner
Ku-Ring-Gai College of Advanced Education, NSW

NSW Government Architect’s Office (E.H. Farmer) and Peter Hall
Goldstein College, University of NSW,1962-64, Kensington, NSW

NSW Government Architect’s Office (E.H. Farmer)
Demountable Classrooms, 1966, Various locations in NSW

Oakley & Parkes
Brighton Municipal offices, VIC

Prentiss, Roy
Park Towers, VIC

Reed, Keith
St Andrews Uniting Church, VIC

Reid and Pearson
MacPherson Pty Ltd Building, VIC

Reilly, William (Sydney Branch Office of the Commonwealth Department of Works and Housing)
Woomera Village | 1947 | SA

Rickard, Bruce
Rickard House I (Ewatt House) 1959, NSW
Rickard House II 1962, NSW

Rivett, J. W.
Carendal Flats, VIC

Romberg, Friedrich
Stanhill, VIC

Rudder, Littlemore & Rudder
Qantas House | 1949-57

Ryment & Stones
– South Lawn and Carpark, VIC

Seabrook and Fildes
Brunswick Fire Station, 1937-38, VIC
MacPherson Robertson Girls High School, 1933-34, VIC
Warracknabeal Town Hall, 1939-40, VIC

Seidler, Harry and Penelope
Rose Seidler House Group, NSW

Seidler, Harry & Associates
Williamson House (Igloo House) | 1952-3
Australia Square | 1967 | Sydney, NSW
Former Torin Building, 1974-76, Penrith, NSW

Stephenson & Turner
Former AGM Factory, 1940, NSW
– United Dental Hospital, 1936-1956, NSW

Stephenson & Turner, Arthur Baldwinson
–  ACI House, 1937-38, NSW

Stephenson, Meldrum & Turner
Royal Prince Albert Hospital, NSW

Stone, E.G & E.J Siddeley
Ovoid Sewer Aqueduct, VIC

Summerhayes, Geoffrey
Summerhayes House, WA

Taglietti, Enrico
St Kilda Public Library, VIC

Taylor, Soilleux and Best Overend
Cairo Flats, VIC

Utzon, Jorn
Sydney Opera House (Stage 1), 1957-63

WA Public Works Department
Agnes Walsh House (King Edward Memorial Hospital), 1947/1953, WA
Dumas House | 1961-65 | WA

Warren, Robert
Altona Civic Offices, VIC

Woolley, Ken
Woolley House I or Mosman House, 1962, Sydney,

Yuncken Freeman
BHP House, VIC
Sidney Myer Music Bowl, VIC
State Government Offices, VIC
Toorak-South Yarra Library, VIC