Docomomo International

DOCOMOMO International was established in the Netherlands in 1990 to draw attention to the plight of some of the pioneering early modern buildings which were decaying for lack of a current use. At the initial conference in Eindhoven the Eindhoven Statement was agreed as the foundation for the activities of DOCOMOMO in each of its member countries. The international headquarters have been located in the Netherlands and Paris, and is now located in Barcelona, Spain.

DOCOMOMO aims to increase awareness of Modern architecture, urbanism and landscapes by researching, documenting, lobbying and educating. DOCOMOMO promotes the exchange of knowledge about this important legacy through its national working parties in over 50 countries around the world.

DOCOMOMO International publishes a biannual journal and holds a biennial conference, both of which promote issues of concern and scholarship to a wider world community.


Eindhoven Statement

DOCOMOMO’s main goals were brought together in the Eindhoven Statement which was issued at the conclusion of the founding conference in 1990:

  • Bring the significance of the Modern Movement to the attention of the public, the authorities, the professions and the educational community concerned with the built environment.
  • Identify and promote the recording of the works of the Modern Movement which will include a register, drawings, photographs, archives and other documents
  • Foster the development of appropriate techniques and methods of conservation and disseminate knowledge of these throughout the professions.
  • Oppose destruction and disfigurement of significant works.
  • Identify and attract funding for documentation and conservation.
  • Explore and develop knowledge of the Modern Movement

Docomomo International Conferences

First Conference, Eindhoven, 1990
Second Conference, Dessau, 1992
Third Conference, Barcelona, 1994
Fourth Conference, Sliac and Bratislava, 1996
Fifth Conference, Stockholm, 1998
Sixth Conference, Brasilia, 2000
Seventh Conference, Paris, 2002
Eigth Conference, New York, 2004
Ninth Conference, Istanbul and Ankara, 2006
Tenth Conference, Rotterdam, 2008
Eleventh Conference, Mexico City, 2010