Conference: Uckranian Architectural Avant-Garde

International Conference:
Uckranian Architectural Avant-Garde
studies and protection

Kharkov, 1-3 February 2012


SITUATION: In Ukrainian cities – Kharkov, Lvov,
Kiev, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk and in
many others – the outstanding monuments of
the modernist architecture and urban
planning are situated. Not all of them found
even fewer proper l y s tudied and
documented. Researchers and restorers of
Modern Movement creations have a vast field
of activity in our country.

AIM OF THE CONFERENCE is to concentrate
efforts of architects, scientists, cultural
community, state and local authorities of
the Ukraine on the studies and protection of
the architectural heritage, remaining of the
turbulent twentieth century, as well as
creating conditions for involvement in the
case the international experience, primarily
through the creation in our country the
chapter DOCOMOMO International – an
international NGO, which today is
systematically documenting and protecting
monuments of the Modern Movement in
more than 50 countries.
KHARKOV not accidentally is chosen the
venue for this conference. Here in 1920-s and
1930-s the first in the Ukraine and one of the
world large-scale complexes of modernist
architecture was created.

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