Committee for North Sydney supports heritage recognition of MLC Building in North Sydney

The Committee for North Sydney – eminent practitioners in planning, architecture, urban design and related fields and respected members of their local communities – has given careful thought to the origins, design and significance of the MLC Building in North Sydney.

At the Committee’s request one of the members, leading architect and urban researcher Adjunct Professor Geoff Hanmer, made a thorough and objective assessment of the building.

The Committee has published his report.

We are very pleased that the Heritage Council has recommended that an interim heritage order be placed on the property, to allow an expert and independent assessment to be made.

We believe that the cultural significance of the building, for the many reasons outlined in the attached report, warrants its listing. We have written to the Minister to urge him to accept the Heritage Council’s recommendation, and we have written to the Mayor and Councillors of North Sydney asking them to support the listing of the building.

Jeremy Dawkins


Committee for North Sydney

Save the MLC Building

Familiarity engenders neglect and forgetfulness?

The MLC was THE pioneer in so many ways. If it is swept aside (to make room for a new building (widely panned by urbanists) it takes with it markers, symbols, records and memories that form an intrinsic part of the Australian story. Besides, for many, it WORKS. It looks good. It is well behaved. It plays an important role in defining the city centre.

Geoff Hanmer, President of the Association for the Committee for North Sydney, has assessed the significance of the MLC Building.

Read and download the document here.