Australian Architect (1933-2022)

Milan 1923 – Canberra 2019

IAN McKAY 1932-2015Architect / Environmental Designer One of Australia’s most exceptional but least celebrated architects, Ian McKay, died last week in Byron Bay. His deliberate low profile aside, Ian was propelled by innate talent, strong views, innovative thinking, independence and an intense love of his profession. As it happened, he had not one career in …

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Born: Chicago February 14 1871Died: Cook County Hospital August 10 1961, ashes at Graceland Cemetery Architect, community planner, delineator Born and raised in Chicago Marion Lucy Mahony Griffin (1871–1961) worked as an architect in the United States, Australia and India. Her active professional career spanned 50 years: the early years as a young architect in …

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Architect, landscape architect, plannerBorn: Maywood, Illinois, USA  24 November 1876Died:  Lucknow, India  11 February 1937  Buried at Lucknow, India Born and raised near Chicago Walter Burley Griffin (1876–1937) was the eldest of four children. He worked as an architect, landscape architect and planner in the United States, Australia and India. His professional career spanned nearly …

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Australian Architect, Born 1931