Call for Papers: Modernism Today: Amsterdam, August 2017

Call for Papers: Modernism Today
10-13 August 2017, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Seminar and Workshop Proposals: 16 December 2016 (Now extended to January 1)

Panel, Roundtable, and Digital Exhibition Proposals: 13 January 2017

“The 2017 meeting of the Modernist Studies Association will not only take place on the centenary of one of Modernism’s many anni mirabiles, it will also be located in the city renowned for Rembrandt and Spinoza as well as De Stijl and the Amsterdamse School, a city well-known for its daring and usually successful blending of the historical and the modern. We will use this occasion to tackle head-on Modernism’s relation to our present. What does Modernism mean to us today – to us as cultural consumers, as scholarly observers, and as active participants in its projects? Modernism’s own explicit self-identification with the ever-shifting present – “il faut être absolument moderne”, “make it new”, etc. – has always tugged at its historical moorings and resisted standard attempts at periodization. It has challenged us repeatedly to redefine and reconsider the meaning of the term “modernism,” as well as to engage in endless debates about its scope, its internal coherence, and its purview.

Depending on the emphasis and tone with which ‘Modernism Today’ is given voice, it can be understood as descriptive or imperative in a variety of ways. Accordingly, topics for papers on our theme may range widely and include, for example, the following:

– Modernist chronologies
– conceptions of the present in Modernism
– Modernism and new media
– canonization processes
– Modernism and recent developments in critical theory
– the historiography of Modernism
– Modernism and globalization
– current trends in Modernism research
– Modernism in the light of eco-criticism
– the persistence of Modernism
– Modernism in contemporary literature and art
– periodical research and Modernism
– Modernism in the light of geo-criticism
– interdisciplinary Modernism

The conference organizers invite proposals for seminars and pre-conference workshops (now extended to January 1, 2017), panels, roundtables, poster sessions, multimedia/digital exhibitions (due January 13, 2017). We gently encourage proposals relevant to the conference theme and the topics listed above, but welcome panel, seminar, and roundtable proposals on all topics related to modernism. The primary criterion for selection will be the quality of the proposal, not its relevance to the conference theme. We ask that proposals provide complete panels and roundtables. Individuals seeking to create or to participate in a panel or roundtable are encouraged to visit the MSA CFP page or the MSA Facebook page for guidelines to develop and opportunities to promote a panel or roundtable. All proposals requiring A/V equipment must specify those needs. All queries should be directed to”

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