Call for Submission: Docomomo Landscapes Book. Selections from the Docomomo Registers

ICI House Courtyard, 1955-58, John Stevens and Gerald Lewers


Docomomo Landscapes Book: Selections from the Docomomo Registers

Docomomo International approved the preparation of a special thematic book on designed landscapes of the Modern Movement era. Docomomo’s International Specialist Committee on Urbanism and Landscape (ISC/U+L) invites Docomomo Australia members and supporters to submit up to 3 landscape sites for inclusion in the book.

The Docomomo Lanscapes Book

The book will contribute towards an understanding of the significance of modern landscapes, their present conditions, and challenges faced in their ongoing viability or management.

It will highlight the importance of landscapes within the context of Docomomo and from a number of different perspectives. In so doing, we aim to generate a book that will make the significance of modern landscapes more readily understood and
accessible within the activities of Docomomo.

The publication will organise international sites under thematic chapters. The focus within each chapter will include current challenges and understanding, the present condition, and discussion of the conservation of

The Landscapes: types and themes

Landscapes types that might be submitted include: individual sites with specified use (gardens, parks, public open space, infrastructure, etc); landscapes as curtilage to buildings or built form; ensembles of landscapes;
and landscape forming larger urban areas.

The editors will organise the submitted sites under thematic headings, with the focus being on current challenges and understanding, and the present conditions and conservation of sites.

It is envisaged that the establishment of a number of themes will enable a discussion of common issues, challenges and importantly, of the kinds of values that define these sites. The documentation of these sites will also allow for a more accurate image of the present condition of these sites.

Contributors are asked to consider the following aspects when defining their sites: function; significant stylistic or regional expression or period; climate, or climatic challenges for sites; marginality or remoteness; conservation and management issues; technical aspects; lost sites, or sites at risk of erasure; other as deemed appropriate.

Guidelines for Submissions

Every Docomomo national working party may submit up to 3 sites.

All submissions must be completed in accordance with the Submission Template which is available from the President of Docomomo Australia, Scott Robertson at Sites can only be submitted
in this template format.

Submission Timetable
Deadline for submissions to the Editors by the National Working Parties.
May – October 2019: Final Edits in correspondence with Working Parties.
January 2020: Target date for publication of the book which also will be presented at the 2020 DOCOMOMO International Conference in Tokyo, Japan.

Send Australian submissions to Scott Robertson: by 7 October 2019.

Editors for this Landscape book are Jan Haenraets (Boston University, USA) and Andrew Saniga (University of Melbourne, Australia), both members of the ISC/Urbanism and Landscape, and Gulnur Cengiz (Turkey).

Submission Template

Download the submission Template (doc)Download