Call for Abstracts: 2022 Docomomo US National Symposium – Yo! Modernism: The View from Philadelphia / Deadline: 13th January 2022

Docomomo International is pleased to announce that the call for papers for the 2022 Docomomo US National Symposium is now open, with due date 13th January 2022. The title of the symposium is “Yo! Modernism: The View from Philadelphia”.

“Yo! Modernism! In the Philadelphia region, “yo” is a colloquialism used to get someone’s attention quickly. It’s a phrase without pretence, and when combined with Modernism, it puts into focus the importance of place and community in our modern heritage, as well as the urgency of preservation efforts. The 2022 Docomomo US National Symposium will explore why Modernism still has the power to turn heads, to inform, and to adapt, and how its many manifestations reflect on local, regional,­­ and broader goals.

From pared-down Classicism to space-age whimsy, from the streamlined to the sculptural, from the monumental to the everyday, the multi-layered, multi-generational Modernism found in Philadelphia reflects ideas found around the world, and we look forward to exploring these ideas further.

Thematic Goals:

  • Promote a broader understanding and appreciation of Philadelphia’s diverse modernisms
  • Broaden the range of voices identified with and as modern heritage
  • Consider city planning’s role in shaping modern heritage
  • Explore the role of archives and archival collections in modern heritage conservation

Docomomo US and Docomomo US/Philadelphia invite researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts involved in the process of preservation, conservation, renovation or transformation of buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the Modern Movement to submit abstracts of papers or full sessions that align with the stated thematic goals.

Topics outside of the suggested areas will be considered for open or alternate sessions. We welcome submissions that take a holistic approach to modern resources (not just the buildings), and consider the social context, technical merits, aesthetics, and settings when evaluating them. Abstracts should include how the subject contributes to the broader discussion of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, either generally or in relation to a specific field of study.

Session Topics to Consider:

  1. City Planning and Modern Heritage
  2. Reassessing Modernism in the Americas
  3. Archives and Collection
  4. Everyday Modernism
  5. Style in the Rear-View Mirror
  6. The Elusive Philadelphia School: The Many Guises of the Region’s Modernism”

Abstracts should be submitted in English until Thursday, 13th January 2022, at 5 pm EST and should include the following required information: Title (65 characters max); Abstract (400 words max); What will people learn from this subject or session? (100 words max); Author’s name, affiliation, email, phone, address, and pronouns; Author’s biography (200 words max); Headshot.

More information about the call for papers, submission form, and the event on Docomomo US website.