Docomomo Classification

Docomomo International Site Typology

Administration (ADM)
Parliamentary, government, civic and public buildings, professional institutions

Commercial (COM)
Banks, markets, offices, public houses, restaurants, cafés, retailing, service premises, storage buildings

Defense (DEF)
Fortifications, military installations

Education (EDC)
Libraries, archives, record offices, research establishments, schools, universities and colleges

Farming, Fishing (FAF)
Farming, fishing, fish farming, forestry, horticulture

Funerary (FNR)
Cemeteries, graveyards, crematoria, funerary monuments, mausolea

Health (HLT)
Hospitals, surgeries, health centres

Industrial (IND)
Building industries, ceramics, chemicals, engineering, extractive industries, food and drink processing, marine construction, metal industries, textiles, wood-working industries

LawLaw courts, penal institutions, police buildings (LAW)

Landscape (LND)
Agricultural settlement, botanic gardens, arboretums, forestry, land reclamation, national and regional parks

Monuments (MON)
Public, commemorative monuments, sculpture (free-standing)

Public services (PBS)
Baths, swimming pools, cleansing services, district heating, electricity supply, fire, ambulance services, gas supply, hydraulic power supply, sanitary provision, water supply, drainage, sewage disposal

Recreation (REC)
Cinemas, concert halls, museums, art galleries, pavilions, clubhouses, private halls, clubs, public parks, gardens, sports centres, gymnasia, stadia, sports grounds, theatres

Religion (REL)
Cathedrals, chapels, churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and other places of worship, church halls, meeting houses, religious centres, seminaries, presbyteries, manses, monasteries, convents, religious houses, shrines, places of pilgrimage

Residential (RES)
Castles, palaces, fortified houses, communal housing, country houses, mansions, large villas, hotels, inns, multi-storey flats, small detached houses, cottages, tenements, low flats, terraced cottages

Transport, Communications (TRC)
Broadcasting, bus and coach services, canals, civil aviation, postal services, railways, roads, paths, shipping, telecommunications, tramways

Urbanism (URB)
New towns and villages, town extensions, urban development, reconstruction

Unclassifed (UNC)