Brisbane Open House / 12-13 October

Centenary Pool, Ph: Adam Creed

Open House is a free event, providing residents and visitors with the
rare opportunity to discover the hidden wealth of architecture,
engineering and history in buildings and places around Brisbane city.

Held annually in conjunction with World Architecture Day, selected
buildings are opened for the public with guided and self-guided tours to
encourage them to explore, re-examine and engage with Brisbane’s built
environment – opening eyes and minds to good design and curious spaces.

The inaugural Brisbane Open House was launched in 2010 with great
success, attracting more than 12,500 visits and each year the event has
continued to grow. This year we’re looking forward to exploring a wider
range of buildings and discovering more hidden treasures!

Values integral to Brisbane Open House include:

  • Increase engagement between the city of Brisbane and its residents
    and visitors through promoting both the contemporary and historical
    architectural and design attractions of the city.
  • Promote public awareness of good and environmentally sustainable design in our subtropical city.
  • Promote public awareness of the urban spaces that occur between our buildings and the role played by design in their creation.
  • Promote public awareness of the diverse range of professions who
    contribute and collaborate in creating and protecting Brisbane’s
    architectural and design attractions.
  • Provide free access to a range of significant public and privately owned buildings in Brisbane.
  • Foster civic engagement and civic pride.
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