Brisbane: Gibson’s Cultural Centre at risk


Help to safeguard the buildings of Robin Gibson at the Queensland Cultural Centre.

A new Government Master Plan, released days after his death earlier this year, proposes a myriad of commercially-driven alterations and additions that will irrevocably alter the buildings both internally and externally.

Additionally the Master Plan proposes the construction of a pair of 30 storey towers over the site.

This is not about preservation, as he was not opposed to buildings evolving according to their changing needs, but the opposition to insensitive and inappropriate changes, primarily for commercial gain.
The good news is that the Australian Institute of Architects (Queensland Chapter) has made an application for the Queensland Cultural Centre (Robin Gibson Buildings ) to be included in the Queensland Heritage Register.
Listing the Complex may provide some protection from these proposed changes.
However it is vitally important to reinforce the application by making submissions of support to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP). Submissions are considered by the DEHP when making their assessment and by the Queensland Heritage Council when making its decision.
We have until Friday September 19 to make these submissions. You can help by signing and sending the submission letter below by email to
Please send this on to as many contacts as possible or posting it on your website and facebook pages. This is the cultural well-being of Brisbane at stake and everyone can make a difference.
If you would like to see the full copy of the Heritage Register Application giving more detail on the Criteria click here to view.
Many thanks for your support.
Tina Gibson, Architect
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