Boyd House November Events: Open Day and Design Discussion


Open Day & Design Discussion

Monday 24 November  Design Discussion – Sean Godsell and Philip Goad:
MPavilion architect Sean Godsell and Professor Philip Goad of the University of Melbourne discuss the buildings Sean has selected for the Open Day as some of his favourite houses.

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Sunday 30 November 2014 – Five of Sean Godsell’s favourite houses

Architects can be inspired and influenced by many things including, their childhood homes, great buildings from previous generations, buildings designed by their teachers and mentors, and innovative buildings designed by their peers. How these influences are manifest in their own work depends on values, circumstances, intentions and the spirit of their own times.

Sean Godsell, one of Melbourne’s most awarded architects, has designed the inaugural MPavilion in Queen Victoria  Gardens. Sean has selected some of his favourite Melbourne houses for this Open Day. It will provide a rare opportunity to ponder the sources of the architect’s vision and design values – giving a unique insight into the MPavilion – a new addition to Melbourne’s parks.

This Open Day enables you to view and experience five inspiring houses, designed by some of Melbourne’s most influential architects.

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This Open Day and Design Discussion have been arranged in collaboration with the MPavilion project.

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‘The Australian Ugliness’ Lunchtime Readings

In the spirit of general, generative conflict, MPavilion and the Robin Boyd Foundation present a lunchtime dip into The Australian Ugliness. Join us at midday each Monday to Saturday as a relay team of Melbourne architects and design fans reads aloud from Boyd’s caustic masterpiece for fifteen minutes—day by day, cover to cover—then stick around afterwards for some healthy disagreement in the gardens.
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