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The transformation of Sydney, 1945–1970

UNSW Press

Edited by Paul Hogben and Judith O’Callaghan

Dinner at Australia Square’s revolving Summit Restaurant, sipping cocktails at the Chevron in Potts Point, hanging out at a Skyline drive-in …

Mid-twentieth-century Sydneysiders embraced leisure like never before. Leisure Space details the architecture and design that transformed their city – through its new hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping centres, drive-ins and golf courses, including landmark buildings such as the Gazebo and the Wentworth Hotel.

With stunning images from Max Dupain, Mark Strizic and other outstanding Australian photographers, Leisure Space explores a dynamic period in Sydney’s history and the dramatic impact of modernism on the city’s built environment.

About the Editors

Paul Hogben is a senior lecturer in Architecture in the Faculty of Built Environment at UNSW Australia.

Judith O’Callaghan is a senior lecturer in Interior Architecture in the Faculty of Built Environment at UNSW Australia and co-author of Designer Suburbs: Architects and Affordable Homes in Australia.

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Classification | Architecture

9781742233826 | Paperback | June 2014 | UNSW Press | 256pp | 260x230mm | AUD$69.99

Table of contents

Contributors Introduction

  1. 1  Leisure in Sydney during ‘the long boom’
  2. 2  The changing face of travel: The modern tourist office
  3. 3  Double modernity: The first international hotels
  4. 4  Motels: The ‘ultra modern’ experience
  5. 5  Sky-high ambitions: Sydney’s restaurants
  6. 6  Architecture, coffee and cocktails
  7. 7  ‘Big, bright, beautiful’: The new shopping centres
  8. 8  The rise and fall of the Sydney drive-in
  9. 9  Golf: A changing landscape
  10. 10  The leagues club: A working-class palace
  11. 11  Ethnic clubs: ‘The dream oftomorrow’
  12. 12  Informal modern: Holiday houses


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