Book / SRIA Guide to Historical Steel Reinforcement in Australia

Scott Mounter, Eric Lumne
Guide to Historical Steel Reinforcement in Australia,
2 voll (1895-1963 / 1963-present), 2018,

The Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia (SRIA)’s has published a new Guide to Historical Steel Reinforcement in Australia. This unique Guide has been developed to assist designers in preserving historic reinforced concrete structures by providing the properties of earlier steel materials. It covers achievements in reinforced concrete with key projects from the very beginning in Australia (1895) to the present. The Guide includes key projects throughout the periods that created the RC industry that we have today including Harry Seidler Australia Square and MLC Centre plus some of his reinforced concrete development initiatives (seminars) with the SRIA throughout the 1990s.

Many older buildings and structures need to be assessed for their load-carrying capacity as part of upgrade or refurbishment works, or simply to ensure the existing structure is capable of carrying specific loads. Examples include the conversion of old warehouse structures into the modern office or residential buildings, or checks of the load-carrying capacity of suspended floors to take increased loads such as compactus loading. In order to allow analysis of the reinforced concrete structure, the design properties of the steel reinforcement must be known. By knowing when the structure was built, it is possible to determine the type of reinforcement that was available at the time, and hence the design properties of the reinforcement incorporated in the structure for use in the design check or analysis. As many of the older Standards and publications providing this information are either no longer publically available or very difficult to obtain, the Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia (SRIA) has been working on a new publication to try and capture this important information while it is still accessible, and make it available to engineers in a single comprehensive Guide.

The 2 volumes include sections on history and background of concrete industry and methods developments over the years which will be of use to readers interested in history of building. There are photos of significant concrete structures (bridges, buildings etc) including photos of some in construction. There are summaries of each era’s significant concrete structures. The volumes also reproduces many Australian Standards, code requirements, specifications and reinforcement handbooks.

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This Guide provides a comprehensive timeline of the Australian steel reinforcement industry developments and has included information from handbooks and technical materials thanks to the copyright permission granted by the Australian Reinforcement Company (ARC, Smorgon ARC, Humes A.R.C. and A.R.C.) and InfraBuild (formerly LIBERTY Steel, Arrium, OneSteel and BHP Steel). These publications have formed the basis of every Australian steel reinforcement Standard, and the SRIA Board extends great thanks for the permission to reproduce this material in this Guide.

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SRIA Authors and Editors

Scott Munter BE (Hons), FIEAust., CPEng, NER (Structural), APEC Engineer IntPE(Aus) Executive Director, Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia (SRIA).

Eric Lume BE (Civil), MIEAust., CPEng(Ret)
National Engineer, Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia (SRIA).

Principal Consulting Author and Editor

John W. Woodside FIEAust., F.ASCE, FICE, FIStrucE, CPEng, NER Principal, J Woodside Consulting Pty. Ltd.