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Sandy Weir / Nov 2023

Other People’s Homes

Suburban Kerb Appeal

By: Sandy Weir

About this Book

  • Hardcover / 224 Pages
  • Dimensions(cm): 16.5x16x2.5

Published: 28th November 2023
ISBN: 9781922992048

RRP $32.99
$26.95 (18% OFF)

‘I adore perving at Australia’s quirky and under-appreciated architectural underbelly through Sandy’s stalky lens.’ – Tim Minchin

A delightfully curated collection that celebrates the eclectic, the innovative, the showstoppers, the elegantly decaying and the quirkily heartwarming homes hiding in plain view. This book showcases the houses that remind us of where we grew up or where we wanted to grow up. What’s captured here is a snapshot of a disappearing Australia.

About the Author
Sandy Weir started working in the Australian book trade in 1988 after a few years in retail following a disastrous HSC result. Sandy technically lives in country New South Wales but is most often found anywhere but there, looking over fences. She started sharing residential treasures on her Instagram page @other_peopleshomes in February 2022.

Industry Reviews

‘In a world of influencers showing their pneumatic lips and bums, other people’s homes is a refreshing Instagram site. A sneak peek into those unique houses, which might not be heritage listed but they’re national treasures nonetheless.’ – Brendan Jones, Jonesy and Amanda

‘Fascinating and delightful. If I was a house, I’d want to be in this book.’ – Cal Wilson

‘A magnificent celebration of Australian suburbia. It captures the eclectic array or architecture and design from all corners of the country, reflecting the essence of our rich diversity and history. Sandy is to be congratulated or documenting this precious treasure-trove.’ – Georgie Gardner

‘A sublime celebration of the weird and wonderful places we call home.’ – Jacinta Parsons

Other People’s Homes is my favourite comforting reminder that despite mass efforts to be homogeneous, a person can’t help but try to build a castle in the middle of a suburban block.’ – Natalie Tran

‘What started as one of my favourite Instagram accounts is now one of my favourite books. An immersion in the beauty and awe that is suburban Australia from a time gone by.’ – Samantha Wills

‘There’s no place like other people’s homes.’ Samuel Johnson

Other People’s Homes allows us to be what we all are at heart: nosy. Its purposeful curation of Australian abodes lets us have a stickybeak and celebrate the eclectic nature of this country’s suburban infrastructure, while appreciating the difference between a house and a home.’ – Maria Lewis