Book / Korean Modern: The Matter of Identity

Korean Modern: The Matter of Identity

An Exploration into Modern Architecture in an East Asian Country

By: Peter G. Rowe, Yun Fu, Jihoon Song

Published: 15th September 2021
ISBN: 9783035622614
Number Of Pages: 336

The development of modern architecture in Korea and, more recently, South Korea, is closely tied to the country’s dramatic transformations since the late 19th century. The authors interrogate major periods from the Late Joseon Dynasty to the vibrant democratic present, showing how architecture, by making technological and stylistic leaps, has played an important role in the construction of the nation’s identity.

The architectural analyses, ranging from Hwaseong Fortress to 21st-century constructions like Paju Book City, Ssamziegil Shopping Center, the Boutique Monaco skyscraper, and the Bauzium Sculpture Museum, focus on buildings in which the formation of specifically Korean modernism is particularly observable. The appendix includes biographical descriptions of major architectural figures.