ARC Everyday Heritage linkage project / Symposium, July


The Australian Research Council Everyday Heritage linkage project aims to uncover Everyday but Overlooked forms of Australian Heritage.

Everyday Heritage Linkage Project is a collaboration between researchers from the universities of Canberra, Tasmania, Western Australia, and New South Wales and Partner Organisation GML Heritage. The project aims to expand the concept of ‘everyday heritage’ as a way to encompass overlooked forms of Australian heritage and seeks to bridge academic and industry practice. The project team will host an in-person one-day Symposium at the Museum of Sydney on Wednesday 19 July 2023 to share research findings and encourage discussion across community, industry and academic contexts.

The Symposium’s Keynote Speaker is Professor Sian Jones, University of Stirling, UK, an interdisciplinary scholar with expertise in cultural heritage, as well as on the role of the past in the production of power, identity, and sense of place. Sian is the lead author of the recently published The Object of Conservation: An Ethnography of Heritage Practice. The Symposium will have a focus on available and new tools and methods for better exploring and understanding everyday heritage. Speakers and panellists will include team members from the Everyday Heritage Project, as well as leading Australian and international special guests who are working at the intersections of heritage practice and theory (Prof Stuart Jeffrey, Glasgow School of Art; Prof Denis Byrne, Western Sydney University; Chris Johnston, Heritage Consultant; Martina Tenzer, PhD Candidate, University of York; Dr Damian Lucas, Heritage NSW). Topics to be covered by panel discussions will include social value methods and digital approaches. 

The Symposium is also an Australia ICOMOS event that promotes the ICOMOS 21st General Assembly and Scientific Symposium which will take place in Sydney (31 August – 9 September). 

Further information, including event registration, will be made available in the coming months on the Everyday Heritage website and via Australia ICOMOS E-News. Please add this date to your diaries!