April 18: International Day on Monuments & Sites / Icomos Australia

International Day on Monuments & Sites

April 18th is a major celebration for ICOMOS and each year the state representatives of Australia ICOMOS organise a number of activities around Australia so that you can celebrate the diversity of the world’s cultural heritage with colleagues, and along with ICOMOS members the world over. It is important to note that this day is not (and never was) called ‘world heritage day’!Australia ICOMOS welcomes other conservation-minded organisations celebrating this day by organising their own heritage activities: however, we ask that you use the correct title to promote the day. This day is about more than ‘world’ heritage sites – it seeks to raise public awareness of the full diversity of cultural heritage places and landscapes whether they be of international, national or local significance.

About the day

In response to a proposal by ICOMOS, 18 April was endorsed as The International Day on Monuments and Sites by UNESCO in 1983. This special day offers an opportunity to raise public awareness concerning the diversity of the world’s heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it, as well as to draw attention to its vulnerability. Through its Scientific Council, ICOMOS develops a triennial plan for the themes for the International Day on Monuments and Sites. Australia ICOMOS joins with our colleagues around the world to celebrate and promote this theme by holding activities, conferences, colloquia or other events to raise awareness among the public, the owners of heritage places, or the public authorities by linking a global theme to local or national realities.

About the theme for 2018: Heritage for Generations

The 2018 theme for the ICOMOS International Day for Monuments and Sites is Heritage for Generations led by the ICOMOS Emerging Professionals Working Group.

Sharing stories and the transfer of knowledge between generations is a crucial step in cultural development, characterising the human experience since time immemorial.

“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow” – Nelson Mandela

The ICOMOS International Day for Monuments and Sites Day 2018 seeks to celebrate:

  • Inter-generational transfer of knowledge: engagement across the global community to emphasize the importance of knowledge exchange between generations to promote the ICOMOS ethos for the conservation and protection of cultural heritage;
  • Youth leadership: Emerging Professionals in each country will take the lead in organising events that focus on reaching the younger members of the wider public community by showcasing the creative use of social media.

Communication across generations of heritage practitioners generates enriching exchanges. Combining the knowledge of experienced practitioners with the energy and dynamism of newer members brings about a more holistic approach to ongoing initiatives.

The International Day for Monuments and Sites 2018 is an opportunity to emphasize the importance of intergenerational exchanges when it comes to safeguarding and celebrating our heritage. Activities to foster fruitful dialogue between generations may include, but are not limited to: conferences, lectures, training sessions, round-table discussions, poster sessions, pub nights involving Q&A sessions with younger and older members of professional and non-professional heritage communities, interactive site visits to heritage properties and others.

For more about the theme, visit the ICOMOS website.