April 18: icomos International Day on Monuments & Sites

April 18

International Day on Monuments & Sites

April 18 is a major celebration for ICOMOS and each year the state representatives of Australia ICOMOS organise a number of activities around Australia so that you can celebrate the diversity of the world’s cultural heritage with colleagues, and along with ICOMOS members the world over. It is important to note that this day is not (and never was) called ‘world heritage day’!

About the theme for 2016: The Heritage of Sport

The 2016 theme for the ICOMOS International Day on Monuments and Sites celebrated on 18 April is: The Heritage of Sport.

  • “Sport is part of every man and woman’s heritage and its absence can never be compensated for.” – Pierre de Coubertin

The Olympic Games will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in August 2016. ICOMOS wishes to dedicate the 2016 International Day for Monuments and Sites to the heritage of sports, since sports have developed from the origin of mankind onwards and have left testimonies to the diversity of installations and facilities related to their practice, many of them bearing outstanding values related to the development of architecture, art and techniques.

For more about the theme, visit the ICOMOS website.

Australia ICOMOS has organised a series of events during 2016 to celebrate “The Heritage of Sport” theme. Information on events taking place across Australia is outlined below.


  • Tour of Adelaide Oval, 10 April 2016, Adelaide

To celebrate this year’s International Day on Monuments & Sites, ‘the heritage of sport’, SA ICOMOS members can undertake a tour of Adelaide Oval on Sunday 10 April 2016. The tour will be run by one of Adelaide Oval’s expert volunteer guides. The tour will take you behind the scenes at Adelaide Oval and include access to restricted areas, such as the old scoreboard, media and player areas. Commentary on the place’s heritage will also be provided by ICOMOS member Michael Queale of Grieve Gillett Anderson who wrote the Conservation Management Plan for the place.

Tour costs are $22 (adult) and $12 (child), to be payable in cash to Deborah Lindsay, State Rep on the day of the event. The tour will start at 10:15am and go for approximately 90 mins, however we are required to meet at 10am. Anyone is welcome to attend the tour – the cost is the same for family members. ICOMOS members will go for a social drink afterwards in a nearby café or pub.

RSVP is essential to confirm the group booking – to book please email Deborah Lindsay by Friday 1 April. Please have correct money ready on the day for payment, and Deborah will check you off the list.


  • The Jim Kerr Address on the International Day for Monuments & Sites, 18 April 2016, Sydney

Presented by Australia ICOMOS in association with the Sydney Opera House and the Heritage Council of NSW.

The Jim Kerr Address pays respect to his legacy by perpetuating open enquiry into the understanding of place and the constant review of progress in conservation philosophy and practice.

The event will be preceded by a tour of Sydney Opera House at 3.00pm.

Date, Time & Place: 5.00pm, 18 April 2016, Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney 2000

For more information and to register, click here.


  • Celebrate the Heritage of Sport at the MCG, Melbourne, 18 April 2016

VICOMOS will celebrate the day at one of Melbourne’s most iconic heritage sites, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Join us for a talk on sports history by Jed Smith, Manager of the National Sports Museum, followed by a walk on the arena and a guided tour of the inner sanctum of the MCG.

Date: 18 April 2016
Time:  5 pm to 6.30 pm
RSVP by email to Sue by 15 April


  • Australia ICOMOS / National Trust (VIC) conference: The People’s Ground, 5-8 October 2016, Melbourne

The extraordinary Melbourne Cricket Ground – popularly “The People’s Ground” – is the inspiration for this conference. This acknowledges that heritage is for and about people and community. Whilst place is central to conceptions of heritage, is it not intangible values – stories, memories, connections, emotions – that reveal and sustain our heritage?

The MCG is included on the National Heritage List, although its continual evolution means that most of the fabric is barely thirty years old. It has shared Aboriginal and non-Indigenous heritage values, and a prominent history to match its location in the landscape of the Yarra River.

The significance of the MCG extends far beyond that of a mere sports stadium. It is an integral part of the fabric of Melbourne and the nation, and has gained an egalitarian image as “the people’s ground”. (MCG NHL citation)



About the theme for 2015: ICOMOS 50th anniversary

In 2015, ICOMOS International will celebrate its 50th anniversary. All National Committees and members are invited to organise events to make this a memorable jubilee!

Details of the subject theme for celebration as part of the International Day on Monuments and Sites are yet to be provided. Further information will be provided as soon as it is received.

Australia ICOMOS will be organising a series of events to celebrate the 2015 theme around 18 April and later in the year. Information on events taking place across Australia is listed below.

In May 2015, Kerime Danis spoke to Sam Baran from 2SER about the International Day on Monuments & Sites – click here to listen to the interview.


  • The Inaugural Dr James Kerr Memorial Address on the International Day for Monuments & Sites, 18 April 2015
    JSKPresented by Australia ICOMOS in association with the Sydney Opera House; the Heritage Division NSW Office of Environment and Heritage; and the National Trust of Australia (NSW)

    The Annual James Kerr Memorial address pays respect to his legacy by perpetuating open inquiry into the understanding of place and the constant review of progress in conservation planning practice.​ The event will be followed by a tour of Sydney Opera House.

    18 April 2015, Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney 2000



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