AIA Victoria / Understanding Heritage in a Contemporary City – March 13th

Understanding Heritage in a Contemporary City

Part 1: Tuesday 13 March
12.00pm- 2.00pm

Part 2: Wednesday 21 March
12.00pm- 2.00pm


Event Details
Heritage buildings and sites are an important part of our built environment and landscape. When adaptive reuse is done well it contributes to the surroundings and complements the contemporary use for which it has been remoulded to accommodate. The question is how do architects proceed to make sure regulations and requirements are met, the nature of the building is kept in line with its heritage, yet it is functional for its intended contemporary use? This event will provide you with the latest updates on the Heritage Act and unpack the Burra Charter components with the understanding of protecting heritage. It will also explore examples of Facadism and discuss how we treat it, and look at more constructive examples of how contemporary elements can be mindfully intertwined into heritage buildings.


Knowledge Domain
Social & Ethical

Speakers: Session 1

Anita Brady & Katherine White, Lovell Chen