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Adelaide High School
EB Fitzgerald & John Brogan
date of commission:
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Corner West Terrace & Glover Avenue, Adelaide, SA
classification / typology
Education (EDU)
Submitted by
Scott Robertson, Louise Cox, et. al. in 2014


The design of the Adelaide High School was the result of a national architectural competition and the building is composed of a series of curves which respond to the curved driveway and contrast with the curved wall of the entry, giving a sweeping horizontality to the building. Each section of the building is composed of an upper large volume, with strip glazing, which is framed and set forward of the brickwork. The upper volume, the first floor, cantilevers over the vertical glazing of the ground floor. The diminishing perspective of the curve is accentuated by the vertical brick piers separating the ground floor glazing and garden bed which follow the curve of the building. The line of the parapet is emphasised, creating a shadow line to each separate volume.

image credits Bahudhara, Australia, 2014, Licensed under CC BY 4.0.