ACT Region Heritage Symposium 2019 – The Spaces in Between: Connecting Canberra’s Urban Landscape

Saturday 24 August 2019 9am-5pm

Like many other cities, Canberra is facing the challenge of balancing rapid growth with the need to preserve and protect key elements of its heritage and lifestyle.

In this year’s Symposium, we will be exploring the UNESCO’s Historic Urban Landscape approach: a holistic framework designed to help cities manage change while retaining what is distinct and valued about their identity, culture and environment. We’ll address these issues:

  • What are the complex challenges facing our city today?
  • How can a deep, rich and shared understanding of place help drive sustainable outcomes?
  • How can we as a community help to shape the place we live in?

Susan Fayad, Coordinator World Heritage, Partnership and Regional Projects, City of Ballarat, will be with us, sharing the experience of HUL’s application in Ballarat as the first worldwide pilot application of this approach to managing urban change.

To see the full list of Keynote Speakers and a list of the Short Stories of Special Spaces go online:, or open the attached flyer.

Cost: $75 Full Registration; $55 member of host organization; $35 concessions and full-time students.

Bookings by Wednesday 21 August: or fill out the Registration Form attached and send back to the National Trust office. Further details attached.