ACT Region Heritage Symposium 2017 | The Politics of Heritage: The Art of the Possible / August 19th

ACT Region Heritage Symposium 2017
The Politics of Heritage: The Art of the Possible
Saturday,  August 19th, Canberra

Key note speaker : Prof Tim Winter, Deakin University

Prof Winter will discuss “Heritage Diplomacy : the art of the possible” exploring the significant shifts occurring in the international heritage and conservation arena.

Others speakers will present of a wide diversity of topics on the theme – ‘The Politics of Heritage: the art of the possible’ asks what are the possibilities for cultural heritage in a city designed for democracy and diplomacy and political action, in a world of multiple stakeholders, where real and virtual borders transect our region and where digital technology is rewriting the rules of engagement between politicians, citizens and trusted cultural institutions.

How can we extend our understanding of the political landscape of our city; from the institutions that inhabit it, to the way politics and legislation features in heritage conservation and management. What is the role of cultural heritage management and conservation in the area of international cooperation as well as an instrument of ‘soft’ influence by states? How is the digital environment extending and enhancing experience with heritage values, not just in respect both to the processes of conservation and restoration, but in building active and engaged communities? Sub-themes are: Connecting the Dots in Heritage: gaps across statutory systems;

Negotiating Outcomes for Heritage; Crossing Borders: sharing heritage objects and idea[l]s.

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Hosted by:
Canberra Archaeological Society, National Trust of Australia (ACT), Canberra and District Historical Society, and Australia ICOMOS
Saturday 19 August 2017 9.00am – 5.30pm
Forestry Building Fenner School of Environment and Society (Building No 48) Linnaeus Way off Daley Road Acton Campus Australian National University Acton
Cost: $75 full
$55 members of the host organisations
$35 concessions, full-time students and speakers.


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