A Tree to Remember: Crowdfunding for Pine Tree sheltering Boyd’s House

A Tree to Remember 
Crowdfunding Campaign
The Monterey Pine sheltering the iconic Walsh Street residence has died. Please help the Robin Boyd Foundation remove and replant a similar tree and restore the front courtyard of our historic, modernist house, and celebrate arboreal life in an urban setting.
In this season of giving, we hope that you can help us to protect our iconic Walsh Street residence and assist in cutting down and replacing the 120-year-old Monterey Pine in front of the house.  The Monterey Pine is an integral part of Robin Boyd’s design and a part of the home’s heritage overlay, but with the combination of rapid urban development and its natural life cycle, the tree has reached the end of its life and presents a significant risk to people, the Walsh Street home and property, and neighbouring structures and the school across the road. We need to raise a much needed $75,000 through this campaign to achieve all below: removal of the 20 metre, 120+ year old Monterey tree to ensure protection of the Victorian Heritage Register historical place: Robin Boyd’s home at 290 Walsh Streetremoval of the tree in January 2020 before the beginning of the school year, prior to the children returning tree replacement and management plan to include advanced specimen Canary Island Opine (Pinus canariensis), a very similar but non-weedy tree restoration and reparation of aspects of the heritage-listed Walsh Street courtyardLocal and state heritage bodies have rejected our requests to provide funding for these works, despite the tree being on the Significant Tree Registry for Melbourne and noted on Walsh Street’s heritage listing. 

Therefore we are appealing to you – our friends and supporters.

Only with your help can the Robin Boyd Foundation provide the best and safest outcome for this major initiative to care for and protect our unique, mid-century Wash Street house. 

Please donate to our crowdfunding campaign today via the button below.  

Thank you for your support!
P. Joy Villalino
Chief Executive Officer

Image:  John Gollings
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