16th International Docomomo Conference / Tokyo, Japan, postponed to September 2021 – Resilient Inheritability – Sharing Values of Global Modernity

16th International Docomomo Conference

Tokyo, Japan, 2020

The candidacy from Docomomo Japan to organise the 16th International Docomomo Conference, in Tokyo, was approved in the 15th Docomomo Council Meeting, last August 30, 2018, at Cankarjev Dom.

The 16th International Docomomo Conference will take place in Tokyo, organized by Docomomo Japan, between the 10th and the 13th September 2020, under the theme “Resilient Inheritability: Sharing Values of Global Modernity”.  The student workshop will be held between the 6th and the 10th of September and the post-conference tours will be held between the 14th September and the 16th September 2020.


Resilient Inheritability – Sharing Values of Global Modernity
Today, not only in Europe, but in Japan, South America, Africa and throughout the world, the architectural cultural heritage that we call the “Modern Movement” (MoMo) has been exposed to the major force of conscious/unconscious destruction.
We can trace the causes to three reasons:

  1. Popular Ignorance of the MOMO
  2. Self-Vulnerability of MoMo
  3. Skepticism towards MoMoIdeology

Hence, we are embarking on a mission to mitigate these three elements of threat which are endangering the MoMo. We are calling for, not only, those experts who are directly and indirectly connected to the movement, but all the people interested in the protection of the MOMO in a renewed future, to come together to offer knowledge and experience. There are, also, three types of knowledge that we must collect from the global community. From the experts:

  1. Knowledge of relativization and reinterpretation;
  2. Technology, methodology and policy to revitalize the value and the vitality of the MOMO. And, from the adults gathered around the experts and the children who will carry our world towards the future;
  3. Knowledge of education and enlightenment.


  1. Celebrating Sports / Lasting Sports
  2. Housing
  3. Technology and Materials
  4. Timber Structure
  5. Education and Theory
  6. Publication and Documentation
  7. City and Landscape
  8. Local / Global
  9. Metabolism / Re-
  10. Design and Furniture


The conference will be in the Ueno Cultural District, at

  • Tokyo Cultural Hall designed by Kunio Maekawa;
  • National Museum of Western Art designed by Le Corbusier;
  • Tokyo University of Art and Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties.

More info: http://www.docomomo2020.com