photo: Marcell Seidler © Penelope Seidler

Site Overview

site name:
Rose Seidler House Group
Rose Seidler House (1948-1950)
Julian Rose House  (1949-1950)
Donna and Brian Seidler House (1949-2008)
former Marcus Seidler House (1949-1951)
1st addition (1958)
2nd addition (2008)
Harry and Penelope Seidler
69-71 Clissold Road, Sydney NSW
protection status:
Proposed for listing on the State Heritage Register by the RAIA
Sulman Award in 1951
fiche editor:
Noni Boyd, Anne Higham in 2003


The Rose Seidler House was the first Australian domestic commission of Vienna-born, USA-trained architect Harry Seidler. By 1956, he had designed and built three houses for Seidler family members on a 16 acre (6.5h) bushland estate on Sydney’s northern fringe, linking the sloping site with a curving driveway among tall eucalyptus. Rising from natural bush rock foundations, the Rose Seidler House is a flat-roofed, floating cube built of reinforced concrete and timber, featuring extensive use of glass. All twelve rooms have wide views of surrounding bushland with direct or close contact to related outdoor areas. Moveable dividers maximise the flexibility of internal living spaces.
The Rose Seidler House was awarded the Sulman Award in 1951.

Julian Rose House. Photo by Harry Seidler 1954 © Penelope Seidler
Donna and Brian Seidler House. Dirk Meinecke, 2008 © Harry Seidler & Associates