Docomomo Australia News - April 2015


Buildings at Risk – Melbourne by Mockridge, Stahle & Mitchell

     Buildings at Risk – Melbourne by Mockridge, Stahle & Mitchell: The following buildings have been brought to our attention by Alison Alexander. If you would like to know more about them or be involved in any future conservation action, please contact her through: https://www.facebook.com/groups/385821284886960/ https://www.facebook.com/alison.alexander.94 The Bromby complex of buildings at Melbourne Grammar School (1954 with additions ’61 and ’71) …

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Buildings at Risk -Queensland Cultural Centre - update

GOOD NEWS SO FAR - DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT RECOMMENDS HERITAGE LISTING OF THE CULTURAL CENTRE ! Some of you may already be aware of the latest development, but for those who don't here is an update on the Cultural Centre Listing. On 5 February 2015 the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection recommended to the Queensland Heritage Council that the Queensland Cultural …

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Film Melbourne | The Venice Syndrome - 22 April

The 2015 programme is out and subscriptions are open for a new season of magnificent Design + Architecture DOcos. Visit us at www.robinboyd.org.au/dado for the full list of films and brilliant guest speakers visiting Walsh St this season.

Season starts 22nd APRIL

Opening night film: “The Venice Syndrome”
2012, Dir. Andreas Pichler, 82 mins, Italian and German  with English subtitles.

Opening night guest speaker: Doug Hall, former director of the Queensland Art Gallery and Commissioner for Australian exhibitions at the Venice Biennale 2009 and 2011.

Venice is pure romance; that which all Europeans yearn for, the dream of all Americans, the wish of all Japanese.
But the world’s most beautiful city turns into a ghost town at nightfall. Entire quarters, long since abandoned by their inhabitants, stand empty, their structures merely providing a myth to serve business interests.

Twenty million foreigners visited the city last year. That’s an average of 60,000 day. And this year it will be more still. By comparison, there are only 48,000 inhabitants, the same amount as they were after the Great Plague of 1438. And next year it will be fewer still. For the city is becoming uninhabitable. Venice’s own urban life has almost collapsed; it scarcely still exists.

The film shows what remains of Venetian life: a subculture of tourist service industries; a port for monstrous cruisers which is waiting to be expanded; Venetians who are moving to the mainland as there are no longer affordable apartments to be found; an aged noblewoman who treats the municipal council with scorn; a realtor who is considering abandoning the sinking ship.

A Requiem for a still grand city. An illustration of how common property becomes the prey of few. An elegy to the last Venetians, their humour and their hearts.

Print courtesy of the Miramonte Film.

Image source: Miramonte Film, Copyright Miramonte Film, photo: Attila Boa “The Venice Syndrome” (2012).

Trailer  HERE

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INT US | Modernism on the Prairie / Symposium

Docomomo US National Symposium 2015: Modernism on the Prairie In 2015, Docomomo US and Docomomo US/Minnesota will launch the third annual Docomomo US National Symposium--Modernism on the Prairie: Rural to Metro Regional Interpretations of the Modern Movement. The three-and-a-half-day symposium seeks to celebrate and bring national attention to the unique cultural heritage, preservation, and advocacy of significant modern architecture and …

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INT / US | Mid-Century Modern Structures: Materials and Preservation 2015 Symposium

Priory Chapel of St. Louis Abbey. Photo by Michael Allen, Mid-Century Modern Structures: Materials and Preservation 2015 Symposium NCPTT, the World Monument Fund, the American Institute for Architects St. Louis, Washington University in St. Louis, and the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial are partnering for a jointly organized symposium on the preservation of Mid-Century Modern Structures. The meeting will be held …

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1_Ausstellungsansicht-Sammlung Bauhaus-(C)_BAUHAUS_ARCHIV_GLAVE_HR

Int. | Permanent exhibition at Bauhaus Archiv

Permanent exhibition at Bauhaus Archiv  Bauhaus Archiv, Berlin, Germany Presentations until 25 May 2015 The newly conceived permanent exhibition as well as a special exhibition featuring new acquisitions of the “Bauhaus Collection” provide fresh glimpses into the holdings of the Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung and of the Bauhaus as a visionary school of design.On 18 March 2015, the Bauhaus-Archiv / …

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INT | Call for abstracts: Facing Post-War Urban Heritage in Central-Eastern Europe

Call for abstracts: Facing Post-War Urban Heritage in Central-Eastern Europe 9 October 2015, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary Throughout Europe, current urban challenges are posed by large-scale ensembles of modernity as a result of post-war development on both sides of the Iron Curtain. The urb/doconf 2015 is the first in a series of a doctoral conference, to …

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Latest Docomomo Publications

Docomomo Journal 51: Modern Housing. Patrimonio Vivo

Patrimonio Vivo

Journal 51
Modern Housing. Patrimonio Vivo (100 pages)

The House, the Home and the Housing Question 
By Ana

Housing and City: Old Problems, New
Joan Busquets

Modern Housing: Heritage and Vitality 
By Josep Maria Montaner And Zaida MuxíMartínez

Housing Envisaged as a Patrimonio Vivo (Living Heritage) 
By Josep Maria Montaner

Hood Gardens and the Rehabilitation of Post-War Mass Housing in London 
By Aranzazu Melon

Activation in Contemporary Collective Housing. Barcelona Experiences 
By Isabel Aparici Turrado

to Deal with Halen Estate 
By Bernhard Furrer

María Micaela 
Cooperative in Valencia: a Critical Assimilation of the Modern Legacy 
By Carmen Jordá And Maite Palomares

Tunal Experimental
: 40 Years Later an Experimental Housing Project in
Bogotá, Colombia, 1972 
By Ramón Bermudez, José Roberto
Bermudez, Daniela Sanj Inés

of Social Housing in Buenos Aires. Lessons From Juan XXIII 
By Soledad Armada

Housing in the 60s in São Paulo 
By Maria Luiza

the Late 19th Century House Question to Social Housing Programmes in the 30s:
the Nationalist Regulation of the Picturesque in Portugal 
By Rui Jorge Garcia Ramos, Eliseu Gonçalves And Sérgio Dias Silva

Faces: Seeing Behind the Mask of Convention 
By Alice T.

in Modern Neighborhoods: Margarete Schütte–Lihotzky; Jakoba Mulder, Lotte
Stam-Beese; and Carmen Portinho 
By Zaida Muxí Martínez



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