TALK Sydney | Learning to Manage World Heritage

Case Study: George Town World Heritage area in Penang, Malaysia Talk No. 5 of the 2014 Sydney Talk Series, will consider some of challenges facing the George Town World Heritage area in Penang, Malaysia, and some of the measures that the local community has already implemented.  It will describe recent initiatives supported by AusHeritage to enhance local heritage expertise in managing future development at …

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Talk / Recycled Heritage / Bare Ruin'd Choirs

Dates: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - 19:00 Location:  Harold White Theatre, Level 2, 757 Swanston Street Edward Hollis will discuss the potential of bare ruin'd choirs; exploring how ruins – at the first glance, relics of failed pasts – can be recycled to provoke and provide settings for debates about their, and our, future, using St. Peter's Seminary Kilmahew, Scotland as …

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Exhibition | Modernism in Queensland

Building modern Queensland 1945–75 9 July — 12 October State Library of Queensland Cultural Precinct South Bank Hot Modernism unearths the stories of Queensland’s mid-century architecture. This moment in our history, inspired by a new way of thinking about sub-tropical living, brought a wave of fresh ideas, design and debate to the Queensland landscape. From the rolling expanse of the …

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Robin Boyd Foundation

Discussions / Architectural Photography / Sievers Project

Interior of Robin Boyd House, Walsh St, South Yarra. Courtesy of Robin Boyd Foundation. Robin Boyd Foundation and CCP present Architectural Photography, then and now Wednesday 30 July 2014, 6—8pm In collaboration with CCP, The Robin Boyd Foundation presents a series of discussions on themes inspired byThe Sievers Project. Currently exhibiting at CCP, early career artists, working across media from photography through to installation, have responded in diverse ways to …

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FILM / Melbourne / Visionary Architecture

Great Expectations: A Journey through the History of Visionary Architecture

2007, Dir. Jesper Wachtmeister, 52 mins, English

Guest Speaker:  Andrew Maynard, architect

Our imagination is boundless. We can dream up the possible and the impossible and often make the impossible possible.  Since the Industrial Age, we’ve been confronted with new problems and possibilities, especially in relation to urbanism, housing and pollution.

“Great Expectations” presents some of the greatest architectural dreamers of our time – architects whose imaginations have been allowed to run free to conjure up resolutions to housing shortages, sustainable building practices or otherwise bring changes to our ways of living.

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From Docomomo US

Preserving Miami Marine Stadium: Tropical Brutalism, Society of Leisure, and Ethnic Identity

Less well known than its European and Latin American counterparts, but unique for its direct relation to a water stadium, the Marine Stadium Grandstand in Miami is a cast-in-place concrete 100-meter long building with an eight-section hyperbolic paraboloid roof. Closed in 1992, the grandstand has been inaccessible to the public and threatened by demolition. Registered in September 2009 on the World Monuments Fund Watch List, it has now been granted historic preservation status by the City of Miami but the integrity of its adjoining landscape remains under threat.
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